Association Policy

  • Membership fees
  • Membership fee on a monthly level is 60KM, and is paid until the 5th of the month. All potential future costs (additional rehearsals, performances, travel, guest appearances, eventual nights and meals) are covered by the association’s budget. 
  • Volunteerism

We have three active volunteers, they use their talents in different areas to make their participation effective not only in the association but also in the community:


Ida Avdibegovic

Director of the organization & Drama Workshop Facilitator


Hana Selimović

PR of the organization

Forms of actions and goals of ReACT:

  • Presents and explores dramatic and theatrical upbringing as a tool for personal and social change 
  • Transmits and popularises experiences in the field of peace pedagogy through the theatre of oppressed 
  • It contributes to the community in the process of working on lasting and fair peace, conflict resolution, nurturing a culture of non-violence that allows constructive resolution of conflict as an integral part of humanist action 
  • Supports dialogue and reconciliation processes regardless of ethnic , religious and social borders
  • Through active participation, it increases personal and social well-being 
  • It raises consciousness, designs and guides the processes of each member individually and in the group through empathy, confidence and encouragement of good and responsible members of society 
  • Improves youth engagement in decision-making, in order to feel more integrated in society and the transformation of the same 
  • Raises awareness of the problems young people face at the local but also global level
  • It strengthens and brings together young people within workshops, seminars and travel 
  • It works with educational and artistic institutions and related and professional non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Western Balkans and abroad
  • Supports dramatic gifted youth 
  • Preventive programmes against all forms of addiction and mental health of adolescents aligned with the World Health Organisation (WHO)

ReACT members' distinctions:

  • Readiness and adaptability to new situations 
  • Responsibility 
  • Timeliness 
  • Desire and enthusiasm for knowledge
  • Readiness for individual and independent work 
  • Readiness to actively participate in different situations 
  • Developing critical opinion 
  • Flexibility 
  • Maintains a positive attitude towards other members of the association 
  • Behaves with respect 
  • Dedicated to work and to the team 
  • Respects the deadlines set 
  • Responsibility to yourself and others 
  • Implements association rules through behaviour/learning/presence 
  • Readiness for new challenges 
  • Readiness for dedicated and independent work 
  • Openness to seek help
  • Listens and adopts given indications 
  • Gets tasks done to the end 
  • Search for occasions to participate in all additional opportunities

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