• We provide theatre/art/training that explores, interrogates and challenges the individuals to grow and ignite a fire in the belly of wider society to change. 

    Our workshops are aimed at young people. We offer regular opportunities to arrange workshops which can be developed as team building activities and to suit everyone, for all levels of experience. 

    This is the chance to come and give it a go, try something new and see how you feel. Our workshops can be arranged in a two-day activity or the whole week during the summer. Mainly concentrated on peace building and creating a space for people in society through engaging & unlocking the life changing and unlimited possibilities of theatre and art. We engage deeply and creatively with the injustices of our society, and we invite everyone to play a part. 

    We offer workshops on becoming active members of the society, it activates you to feel, to empathise or to open your eyes to the injustices that are present in the community. We challenge stereotypes, preconceived notions, and thoughts you didn’t even know you had. We offer personal growth in your everyday life, individually, as a group and then as a community. We bring people closer together and they bring about change for a better world. 

    We ReACT.

(Wednesday 19:30-21:00;
subota 11:00-12:30)

Second Gymnasium
classroom 001

Years: 16-25

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Association ReAct, Sarajevo

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